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Rapid Prototype tooling

AC has developed a number of fast and inexpensive prototype tooling methods capable of pulling one to a few carbon fiber parts.

Whether your need is to produce a few parts, validate your design, measure spring back, or produce a part to express an idea or sell a program TAC’s prototype tooling is your solution. Once the design is complete and ready to produce hundreds of parts, the prototype tool can easily be converted into a durable tool for rate production.

TAC prototype composite tooling technology provides lay-up tools for autoclave processing of carbon fiber pre-preg composite parts up to 375°F /100 psi. Rapid prototype composite lay-up tools are capable of producing up to 5 prototype parts when envelope bagging or vacuum bagging to a base plate.

Rapid prototype composite tools are fabricated with high strength/high temperature structural CFOAM®30 carbon foam core and a proprietary surface, which requires minimal processing steps. By using this pioneering approach TAC, is able to offer these advantages:


Eliminates autoclave, carbon fiber surface, master, and processing costs associated with traditional layup tooling


Much easier to handle than Invar, Steel, and Aluminum tools

Dimensional Stability:

Low CTE is ideal for production of tight-tolerance carbon fiber parts; improved tolerances and surface quality vs. CF composite/egg-crate tools for production of long CF parts such as stringers, beams and spars


Capable of producing up to 5 parts; reapplication of the surface is fast and inexpensive if additional parts are desired


Very easy to fabricate with minimal processing steps. Layup CFOAM® billets, machine, and apply surface finish, sand \ machine to desired surface finish, seal, and release.

Re-Design Capability:

TAC prototype tools easily accommodate design changes

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