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Composite tooling is all about design, and the complexity of a tool often rivals the complexity of the part that it makes.

Production Tooling

Touchstone Advanced Composites began developing and building next-generation production composite tools in 2004. Currently, Touchstone builds durable composite tools using carbon fiber prepregs with BMI and epoxy matrices with materials from manufacturers including Aldila, CYTEC, and Hexcel.

Rapid Prototype Tooling

Whether your need is to produce a few parts, validate your design, measure spring back, or produce a part to express an idea or sell a program, Touchstone prototype tooling is your solution. Once the design is complete and ready to produce hundreds of parts, the prototype tool can easily be converted into a durable tool for rate production.

Machining Center

Touchstone has a state-of-the art, climate-controlled CNC machining center.  This machining center houses 5 CNC machines with climate and dust control to allow machining of just about any material.  Also, inside the machining center is a new overhead crane to allow for easy loading and unloading of all machines.

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