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Ceramic Matrix Composites

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Ceramic Matrix Composites

1100º C kiln

Touchstone Advanced Composites has extensive experience in the development of next-generation oxide-oxide ceramic matrix composite parts.

Specifically, Touchstone has expended great effort making aluminum oxide reinforced aluminum oxide parts for high-temperature applications.

Parts as large as 15 feet long and 3 feet in diameter have been manufactured by Touchstone.

One of the features that sets Touchstone apart for the production of these parts is the many high-temperature kilns. Touchstone has table-top kilns and ones that can handle large parts and heat treat these parts to well over 1000º C.

Ceramic matrix composite layup

Why ceramic matrix composites?

Ceramic matrix composites provide the high temperature and high strength of ceramics but without the brittleness. GE, Rolls Royce, Pratt and Whitney, the Army, Air Force and many other organizations are developing ceramic matrix composites for hot structures for jet engines and exhaust systems.

Not only is Touchstone knowledgeable in the production of such components, but Touchstone has also built composite tooling for other companies to manufacture ceramic matrix composites. Some of these tools have been quite large.

CFCC composite tool
1100° C kiln
Vacuum bagging CFCC
Ceramic matrix composite parts
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