Composite Tooling

Bond Fixtures


Built to Aerospace Tolerances

Bond fixtures is an important part of composite part manufacturing. The precision of drilling, trimming and bonding jigs are critical in the construction of complex composite components. Touchstone designs and builds aluminum production jigs with hardened steel bushings to aerospace tolerances.
Drill fixture being inspected with laser tracker
UAV wing bonding fixtures
“Whether you need trim fixtures, drill jigs, router templates, bonding fixtures or combination jigs, Touchstone can supply them all.”

CFOAM Bonding Fixtures

In addition, Touchstone builds bonding fixtures using CFOAM carbon foam, a material invented at Touchstone. Because the coefficient of thermal expansion of CFOAM matches carbon fiber prepregs so closely, dimensionally accurate complex composite parts can be fabricated. Touchstone can place Helicoil inserts, Keenserts, steel bushings and other inserts with a high degree of precision.
Helilcoil and bushing inserts in CFOAM bonding tool with a HexTOOL® surface
CFOAM carbon foam tool built with a Duratool surface with Invar inserts