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Touchstone Advanced Composites (Touchstone) is a spin-out organization of Touchstone Research Laboratory, LTD, which has developed numerous inventions and holds a number of patents in the area of composite tooling.

Composite tooling is all about design, and the complexity of a tool often rivals the complexity of the part that it makes.

Touchstone spent ten years in the development of next-generation composite tooling before the spin-out of Touchstone Advanced Composites. Much of the development centered on tools that contained CFOAM® carbon foam. Tooling systems developed include:

Production tooling / Rate tooling
Prototype tooling
Short-run tooling
High-temperature composite tooling
Electrically heated composite tooling

In addition to building unique tools such as those made from CFOAM carbon foam – another Touchstone Research Laboratory development – Touchstone offers training in the new composite tooling technologies that Touchstone and its parent company have developed.


Touchstone is one of the world’s most innovative composite tooling suppliers for the aerospace industry. We are committed to on-time delivery and excellent quality at an affordable price.

We accomplish this through novel tooling design, innovative materials and an intense focus on you, the customer.

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Business Development
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