Carbon Backing Board


Highest-Quality CBB on the Market

Carbon Backing Board (CBB) is a super-strong and durable plate or sheet with a variety of potential applications. As many boards like this are readily available on the market, we differentiate from our competitors by utilizing only the best materials and processes to provide our stiffest and highest-quality CBB. Typical board thickness is 1/4", but boards can be produced in any thickness needed.


Low Porosity

High Tensile Strength

High Stiffness

High Temperature Resistance

Short Lead Time

Our Process

Use of Carbon Fiber Prepreg

  • Layers of carbon fiber prepreg are laminated together and cured in an autoclave
  • Allows higher mechanical properties, consistent base material, and better quality overall
  • Minimizes potential defects in the final product

Autoclave Curing

  • Proven to be more effective than alternatives
  • Maintains low porosity and high stiffness


  • Cured with a peel ply surface to allow for superior bonding and minimal to no preparation prior to use
  • Remove peel ply and begin your bonding process

Waterjet Cutting

  • Touchstone Advanced Composites is fully equipped for tooling design and has a waterjet division for taking projects to a finished state
  • Potential finishing options include:
    • CBB Only
    • Complete egg crate, design, or assembly
    • Turn-key tool
“Carbon fiber prepreg allows the CBB to display higher mechanical properties, more consistent base material and better quality overall.”


CBB can be used for a variety of applications and can be custom made to meet the needs of our customers.

Whether a partially or completely finished board is desired, Touchstone Advanced Composites has the capabilities to customize any project. Some applications include, but are not limited to, assembly jig, composite tooling, and carbon slip sheets.

Assembly Jig

  • Low CTE
  • High temperature resistance
  • Made to easily go in and out of ovens
  • Tested for up to 400°F

Composite Tooling

  • Composite tools, also known as molds or egg crate, can be used as support structures
  • PTM&W's 2846 high temperature resin or any high temperature epoxy laminating resin combines with 3" wide carbon tape to join the board to most tooling skins or other components
  • End use of final structure determines bonding process

Carbon Slip Sheets

  • A CTE matched plate can be made for curing applications
  • Provides an easily sourced, cheaper, and lighter solution compared to traditionally used Invar
  • Manufactured to any desired thickness by stacking piles
  • Vacuum Integral

Spec Sheets


Property Test Method Units CBB (1/4" thick)
Tensile ASTM D638 KSI 74.456
Shear ASTM D2344 KSI 8.35
Compressive ASTM D695 KSI 74.31
CTE ASTM E831 μm/um°C 2.28E-06
Vacuum Integrity Vacuum leak check Holds vacuum


Peak Stress (ksi) Peak Load (lbf) Peak Extension (in)
Specimen 1 75.96 10125 0.2029
Specimen 2 75.34 10043 0.1925
Specimen 3 71.51 9603 0.1868
Specimen 4 72.69 9801 0.1883
Specimen 5 76.78 10332 0.2014
Average 74.456 9980.8 0.19438


Peak Stress (ksi)
Specimen 1 68.03
Specimen 2 73.62
Specimen 3 73.99
Specimen 4 84.48
Specimen 5 71.41
Average 74.306


Peak Stress (ksi)
Specimen 1 7.57
Specimen 2 8.31
Specimen 3 9.05
Specimen 4 8.8
Specimen 5 8.02
Average 8.35