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Metal Fabrication Facility

Touchstone is equipped with an extensive fabrication and machining facility. Touchstone has expertise in designing and manufacturing precision steel layup tables, precision project plates for composite layup, aerospace assembly jigs, rotating holding fixture used in composite curing, and precision metal machining.

In addition to our CNC equipment, we have a number of manual machines including:

  • 1 Bridgeport mills table size 42” x 9”
  • 1 Jet lathe 8” Swing over cross slide 13” over ways with a 36” travel
  • 1 American lathe 12” Swing over cross slide, 20” swing over ways, 60” travel
  • Various drill presses
  • Vertical bandsaws
  • Horizontal bandsaws
  • Horizontal reciprocating saws

Welding capability includes: MIG, TIG, and stick weld with various plasma and torches for cutting.

Custom weldments
Steel composite mandrel fixture
Aerospace assembly jig
Rotating holding fixture
Project table
Machined composite project plate
Precision project plate
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