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High Temperature Composite Tooling

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High Temperature composite tooling

TAC has been working in the development of composite tooling for the new suite of high temperature composites.

Among these high temperature composites are several types of polyimides; cyanate esters, bismaleimides, phthalonitriles and phenolics, as well as new nanocomposite-enhanced resins.

Polyimids exhibit glass transition temperatures (Tg) of of 397°C/747°F and a sustained service temperature is 357°C/675°F.

A number of companies are now supplying polyimids commercially. Among the products are Goodrich Corporation’s SuperImide polyimide, Unitech’s RP-46, Maverick’s MVK-19, PMRII-50 and AFR700, Hexcel’s F655, and UBE America’s PETI-330.

Cyanate esters are a high-temperature resin family with at glass transition temperature typically around 400ºC. They are traditionally associated with space applications, because of very low dielectric and extremely low moisture uptake compared to other resins – especially polyimides. A number of companies are developing next generation cyanate ester products.

Among the commercial cyanate ester products available today are Cytec’s CYCOM 5245C, CYCOM 5575-2 and Hexcel’s HexPly® M91.

While there has been a great deal of investment in these materials, there has been far less investment in the composite tooling to make these systems practical.

CFOAM carbon foam is a unique material which, if used either in a nitrogen atmosphere or under a vacuum bag, is capable of temperatures far in excess of any of the new range of high temperature matrices.

A general rule of thumb is that CFOAM carbon foam will withstand whatever temperature/environment that carbon fiber is capable of withstanding.

Because the coefficient of thermal expansion of CFOAM carbon foam matches most carbon fiber composite materials well, it opens a suite of potential solutions for building high temperature composite tooling.

TAC is now offering a ceramic surface high temperature composite tools.

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